About Me

family focused

After going through my first pregnancy, I felt this amazing empowerment and connection with my body and my son. The experience was intense and overwhelming, but also very very magical, and I was grateful to have my own support system there to nurture and keep me balanced throughout the process. However, my journey to becoming a doula started just a few years prior to my own pregnancy and birth experience.

Through life’s funny obstacles I found a non profit organization that supports Midwifery in Minnesota.  Through conversations and meeting members I was educated on the midwifery model of care and introduced to the term, doula.  

The word “doula” is an ancient Greek word meaning ‘woman caregiver’. Today, doulas provide non medical support through the perinatal phase.  The more I learned about our current maternity system and the lack of education for families, the deeper my drive to act became.

I felt then that it was my calling to become a doula, and in my practice I offer support to women and their partners before, during and after childbirth. My role is to help facilitate calm, positive and empowering birthing experiences by offering unbiased information, emotional support and physical support needed during this time.

From my own experience I have discovered my passion in educating and supporting new fathers.  I never want a new dad to feel lost, scared or left out.  They deserve just as much support as their partner.

Learn more about my services and contact me today!  I look forward to supporting you through this special time.

Amanda Anderson