What is a Doula?

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More and more people are becoming aware of the term “Doula”, but do they really know what it means?  Do they understand a doula’s job description?  I have run into many people who don’t.
There can be much confusion between a doula & a midwife.  I assure you, the two are VERY different.
A midwife is a trained and licensed medical professional with Government oversight.  Midwives assist families in the prenatal care, labor, birth and postpartum health care capacity.
Doulas ARE NOT medical professionals.  Although doulas accompany families on their journey through pregnancy and into the postpartum phase, they do not provide any medical services.  Doulas are not regulated by the state
So, then what exactly does a doula do?
Doulas provide evidence based physical, emotional and educational support.
  • Physically, doulas provide natural comfort measures during labor.  From counter pressure during back labor to simply holding your hand while pushing.
  • Emotionally, doulas can support families during times of fears or uncertainty.
  • Educationally, we can be the ultimate resource in guiding families through the transition of what to expect during labor & birth and well into bringing a baby home during the postpartum phase.  In addition, educationally we can connect families with the proper medical professionals such as therapists, chiropractors or even help guide them into their options between home, birth center and hospital birth.
Why to hire a Doula?
As they say, the proof is in the pudding.  If you are a research based type of person, you probably have heard or looked into maternal health stats here in the United States.  Sadly, our rates and statistics are not very good.  Particularly in minority groups.  There is a major misconception that doulas only support home or drug free birth.  This is simply not true.  Doulas support ALL types of birth (home to hospital, drug free to cesarean).  In addition, doulas do not only support the mother but BOTH parents.  I have a special place in my heart for father’s/partners who take an active role in supporting women as they give birth.
What are the Benefits? (Evidence Based Birth)
  • On Average shorter labors
  • 8% increase having a spontaneous vaginal birth
  • 10% decrease in the use of pain medications
  • 25% decrease Cesarean risk
  • 31% decrease in being dissatisfied with birth experience
  • 38% decrease in babś risk of low Apgar score
If you or someone you know is looking for support during this amazing journey – please feel free to contact me for a free 30 minute consultation!

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